How to conduct question bank management in online exam maker

When one sign up our online exam maker and want to create his online exam, he must upload the test question first.

The question bank management system has great application value, which makes our paper creating work easy and enjoyable. How to conduct question bank management in online exam maker?

Here are the functions about the question bank management in the online exam maker.

(1)Batch import question

Users can batch import questions with excel or txt files quickly, batch import video and audio with specific tool we provide, and it support to import picture with word file. Also, we can customize scores, labels, or difficulty levels of every question.

(2)Support various question types

Basic types: multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blank, essay question

Expanded types: question with pictures, video, audio and formula

(3)Auto scoring

The system suppport auto scoring for objective and subjective question; support to show the score and report after submitting the test; support to get proportional score if missing selection for multiple choice, auto marking according to each blank for Fill in Blank; support to give the permission to sub administrator to marking artificially; choose to mark by the whole exam or single question.

(4)Powerful question management

It support question -classified management; support duplicate checking when importing questions; support to view the operation record of importing question, question quantity, importing time; support to export questions; detailed analysis of questions’ options and categories.

(5)More convenient for students to learn

Candidates can take exams on PC side or mobile phone side and support to answer with audio or picture for essay questions and Statistical analysis for the wrong questions and support to retake.