Is it Feasible to Conduct an Online Certificate Examination?

There are more and more excellent people now, it is difficult for companies to get insight into whether the applicant in front of them is that one they need. Therefore, the certificate becomes one of the best evidences that can prove the applicant’s ability. The certificate not only proves the individual’s ability, but also inspires the person. In China, more and more people still take various certificate exams even if they are not a student, but many people miss the certificate exams due to time and geographical constraints. Because of the impact of the COVID-19 in 2020, many exams offline have to be suspended. However, IELTS and TOEFL have changed the test mode and held online tests so that candidates can continue to participate in the test. It shows that the exam for the certificate can also be held online. Online exams can not only break geographical restrictions and allow more people to participate in the exam, but also because the online exam has a powerful anti-cheating invigilator function and a test paper correction function, it can make the test results more convincing. So how can we conduct an exam that can issue certificates?

Take Online Exam Maker as an example, as an online exam, the certificate exam also needs to go through the steps of creating an exam, invigilating during the exam, correcting after the exam, and data analysis, but if you want to issue a certificate, you need to establish an certificate in the online exam system.The specific operations are as follows:

Add certificate template

The administrator can select the certificate template provided in the system, or customize the certificate template in the system to meet the user’s various certificate requirements.

online exam system

Add text and pictures

Users can change the text on the certificate, or add fixed text content, such as name, time, grades, and pictures. These fixed text content and candidates’ pictures will be automatically synchronized to the certificate by the system after the exam.

online exam system

Set the conditions for obtaining the certificate

The administrator needs to enable the certificate issuance function in the test paper list, and then set the conditions for candidates to obtain the certificate.

online exam system

Results show

When the candidate’s result meets the requirements set by the administrator, after the exam is corrected, the candidate can view his certificate on the end of the test page or in the background of the candidate’s system. The certificate can be exported.

online exam system

More and more examination institutions are carrying out online exams, because online exams make people’s work more convenient, and can even solve problems that occur in offline exams but cannot be solved. If you also want to conduct an exam that can issue certificates, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to have a detailed understanding of the online exam system.