Influence of Information Technology on Education and Teaching

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With the continuous development of science and technology, modern technologies such as the Internet and artificial intelligence have changed people’s way of thinking, production and lifestyle, and also have a profound impact on education. In the world, many countries and regions have integrated technology into educational tools. Therefore, we can see that there are many educational products based on Internet, artificial intelligence and other technologies on the market. So, what impact does information technology have on education?

Improve the quality of teaching and learning

Teaching research is a task that is not easy to complete. In the past, the teaching research mainly relied on the teacher’s personal ability. In the age when technology was not advanced, it was difficult to fully utilize the resources of the school. But now, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data are constantly being used. Teachers can participate in online training on their own, and they can also communicate with teachers in different regions during the training to improve their teaching ability.

It will be boring if teacher only uses written materials to teach. Now, many teachers will prepare online courses in online training systems or online examination systems with training functions, so that students can independently preview new content before class. In this way, the complex knowledge in the textbook will be interesting and simple. In addition, some teaching systems also allow teachers to know more clearly whether each student is familiar with the knowledge. For example, an online exam system called Online Exam Maker can do it. Teachers need to organize online exams in the Online Exam Maker. After all the test papers are corrected, the teacher can view the exam report of each student. The report will show students’ mastery of knowledge in the form of data.

Educational balance

In the past, some underdeveloped areas did not have enough excellent teachers to meet the teaching needs, which made it impossible for students in these areas to receive a good education. But at present, with the continuous coverage of the Internet, almost every family can use smart devices, so no matter where they are, students can participate in the same teacher’s courses. For example, teachers can upload courseware to create courses in Online Exam Maker. Students can participate in courses anytime, anywhere by clicking on the link or scanning the QR code.

Information technology is irreplaceable

During the COVID-19 period, countless schools are using online training systems and online exam systems to carry out online teaching and online examinations. Without these systems, students all over the world will be affected. Now that the epidemic is gradually under control, training systems and examination systems are still widely used. It is believed that in the future, information technology will have more development and will gradually become the main force of education.

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