In what Ways can Students Study Online?

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Online learning seems to be a trend across countries. Online learning breaks geographical restrictions, allowing students in different places to participate in the same classroom. In addition, technologies such as Internet and computers are aspplied in online learning which diversify the presentation of knowledge and enhance students’ enthusiasm for learning. What are the ways for students to participate in online learning?

Online school 

In addition to offline educational institutions, online schools can also provide courses for students. Generally speaking, the steps of providing courses in online schools are similar to those of educational institutions, and they are mainly aimed at improving students’ academic performance.

Courses in the websire

There are now many websites offering courses in various fields. For example coursera, edx, etc. These courses are available to anyone, and most of them are free.

Courses created by school teachers

For students, teachers are the ones who are most familiar with their learning. For students who want to improve their grades, the courses created by school teachers may be more suitable for them. It is easy for teachers to create online courses, the learning platform in Online Exam Maker can help them create course online. Although Online Exam Maker is an online exam system mainly about online exams, the learning module in the system in also popular.

In order to simplify the course creation steps, learning module in Online Exam Maker has a simple interface and is easy to operate. Teachers need to upload the designed courseware to the courseware bank, and then insert them into the corresponding course chapters, so that the course can be shared with students. In addition to inserting courseware in the course, exam questions can also be inserted, that is, students can complete the study and examination in the same system.

The advantage of Online Exam Maker is that it can support students to study and test in the same system, which can save the cost of online education for schools and educational institutions. There are various ways of online education, and school teachers conducting online courses is a feasible way. If you also want to create online courses for students, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience online exam system for free.