Is there any online examination system that can import questions to conduct online test?


Online Examination System is a technology-driven way to simplify examination activities like defining exam patterns with question banks, exams using the computer or mobile devices in a paperless mode.

Test questions can be imported into the system and the collection of questions forms a question bank. It allows you to create, preview, and edit stored questions. Question banks can store questions within categories. And the questions can be used to create and conduct online examinations.

Is there any online examination system that can import questions to conduct online test?

Online Exam Maker(OEM) is an easy to use, online examination system. Without software installed, users can establish an independent online examination system to generate online tests. Give students the tools and insights to boost their learning ahead of exams. Conduct live proctored exams and mocks through OEM.

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How to import questions to conduct online test with OEM?

  1. Questions importing

OEM supports to add questions one by one or in batches. User can input the questions manually, or, download and edit the question template of our system and upload questions in batches. OEM supports to add ten question types: MCQs, completion, true or false, essay question, comprehension, sorting, matching and cloze.

  1. Test forming

Adding questions from question bank into the exam: Select the questions in the question bank and add them all into your exam.Create exams that automatically pick random questions from question bank: Select a set of questions in the question bank and set how many questions will be randomly selected in each exam instance. Each exam will have a different combination of questions.

Candidates can appear for the exam using any desktop, laptop, or mobile device with a browser. Exam results can be generated instantly for the objective type of questions.

If there’s any online test are neeeded to be conducted, welcome to use Online Exam Maker! We here provide a free trial!