How to Make Students’ Grades more Credible?

One school start to teach online because of the severe epidemic, so that students cannot take exams offline. Since the network cannot be accessed by multiple people simultaneously, students cannot take online exams at the same time. Students need to arrange their own time to complete the test within 2 hours. In order to prevent cheating, if the student’s score is higher than the previous score by more than 200 points, he needs to take the test again. Many students complained it, but the school stated that this is a measure for them to ensure fairness in the examination, because the results are very important.

School changes the test method can make the exam fair and student’s performance credible. For example, limit the time for answering questions, create different test papers for each candidate, set up multiple types of questions, and so on. With the development of technology, mature online exam systems such as Online Exam Maker in China can help schools achieve these requirements.

Exam settings

There are various exam settings in the system, such as limiting the answering time for each question; students are not allowed to return to modify the answer; pre-selected group method, random group method, pre-selected+random group method and so on. In addition, people can upload different types of test questions, such as subjective questions, objective questions, comprehension questions, and so on. A variety of exam settings multiple types of questions make the test papers differentiated and reduce the possibility of students to cheat each other.

online exam system

Anti-cheating function

Online Exam Maker has powerful anti-cheating functions, such as face recognition, intelligent anti-cheating detection, and anti-cut screen. When candidates enter the exam, face recognition can prevent other people from taking the exam. During the exam, the intelligent anti-cheating will detect whether the candidate is likely to cheat during the exam; and the anti-cut screen function prevents the candidate from switching screen to search for answers.

online exam system

In order to ensure that the examination can be conducted fairly, schools should take relevant anti-cheating measures at the beginning that they prepare for the exam. If you are also interested in the intelligent online exam system, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to have a try.