How to Make Reasonable Use of a Free Exam System?

When small-scale enterprises or institutions conduct online exams, cost control is one of the issues they need to think about. As the developer of the online exam system, we provide users with a free version of the examination system, which can meet the basic requirements of users to carry out examinations. Online Exam Maker is a cost-effective test system, how can test organizers make reasonable use of it?

Test question check

When preparing for an exam, users can upload exam questions to Online Exam Maker. The system will automatically detect whether the questions in the question bank are duplicates. The question bank in Online Exam Maker can store a large number of test questions, and the user can classify the test questions, set different difficulty or labels.

online exam system

question bank


Free version of Online Exam Maker rwill provide users with several basic anti-cheat measures.

online exam system

screen switching warning

  1. Prevent copying and pasting of test content;
  2. Screen switching limited, the system will send a warning to candidates who switch screens. When the test taker switches the screen more than the set times, the system will automatically submit their test papers.
  3. The exam is interrupted. When the number of exam interruptions exceeds the set number of times, the system will automatically submit the examinee’s exam paper.

Data analysis

When all test papers have been marked, the test system will analyze the test data. The administrator can view the average score, highest score, and error rate of each test question in the system. The whole process does not require manual participation, which can reduce the error rate.

online exam system

data analysis


Online Exam Maker provides a free questionnaire system for all users. The collected questionnaires can be analyzed by the system. The questionnaire supports uploading various types of files in the form of attachments, such as word, Excel, etc. The free questionnaire system can be conducted candidate satisfaction surveys, etc.

Online Exam Maker is not only an online exam system, but also a questionnaire, candidate management, test question management system, etc. Its free version offers new users the opportunity to try it out for free, and it can also meet the needs of some users to take exams. Click the “Sign up” button on the top right to get the opportunity to use Online Exam Maker for free.