How to Ensure the Balance between Test Fairness and Candidate Experience?

Due to the flexibility of online examinations, more and more examinations will be conducted online in the future. The conduct of online examinations is inseparable from online invigilation. The most common method used by test organizers is to use online proctoring software to monitor test-taker behavior. Although online testing provides a convenient way for people to take exams, it still causes many problems. These problems have caused some candidates to lose confidence in the online exam. In order to rebuild candidates’ confidence, exam organizations need to find out the problems and the methods to solve them.

Functions and problems of exam system

The online examination system provides users with rich examination functions and anti-cheating functions, and all the steps required for the examination can be completed online. In addition, functions such as automatic test paper correction and test content import will greatly reduce labor input and make online examinations more convenient. Nevertheless, there are still some problems with online exams for candidates. Supervisory software, in particular, has a huge impact on the test taker experience. For example, false test reports, network problems affecting the test process, etc. The questions may disrupt the candidate’s answering strategy, making it difficult for the candidate to obtain a high score in the test. Therefore, the test organizers need to fully consider the problems that candidates may encounter when taking the online test, and help them solve the problems.

The impact of the examination system on candidates

Due to the popularity of online examinations, online supervision software has become one of the commonly used teaching tools or enterprise management systems. It provides a more convenient way for people to conduct and take tests. Incredibly, such a powerful test-creation tool can also influence test-takers, skewing test results.

  • Exam experience. In most cases, candidates can only take the exam by downloading the software. It increases the difficulty of the test operation for candidates.
  • Privacy protection.Online supervision software needs to monitor the examination process through the candidate’s camera, microphone and other equipment, which may cause a certain violation of the candidate’s privacy.
  • Technical issues. Online exams usually require a network connection and a stable hardware environment. If there is a problem with the candidate’s network or computer, it may affect the exam results.

How to reduce the impact of the examination system on candidates?

It is crucial for test organizers to help candidates reduce the impact of quiz makers. Hope the following suggestions can help you solve the problems.

  • Select the appropriate test software. The easy-to-operate examination system can save candidates from spending a lot of time on operating the examination system. The cloud-based exam system is an excellent choice for users who can complete exams online without downloading software.
  • Carry out mock tests in advance.Before the official exam starts, an effective mock test can discover and solve the candidates’ problems in time, so as to prevent the candidates from encountering difficult problems in the official exam.
  • Strengthen the privacy protection of candidates.When using supervisory software, the protection of candidates’ privacy should be strengthened, such as adding privacy protection clauses to supervisory software, encrypting data transmission, etc.

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