How to Create An Interactive Quiz for Students

Quizzes have been an essential part of teachers assessing their students’ knowledge and pinpointing their student’s strengths and weaknesses. It is also a way for teachers to check their student’s progress, like having difficulty in their lesson or if they have understood it very well. In other words, the Quiz is like a measuring tool for teachers for students, and there are many forms of quizzes. There is a specific topic test, a various topic test, a logic, and behavior test, and more, which has a fantastic result and outcome for each test.

Quizzes also take a lot of forms, and through the year, different types or forms of Quiz has been created. For the most basic ones, multiple choice and identification quizzes have been a go-to for many examinations because of their simplistic but effective types that have done the job well for many years now. There is also an essay and true or false to test the student’s logic and use of language in their quizzes. But with technology, there are now more effective and engaging ways to conduct an examination that combines the usual and new ways. And that type of Quiz is called the Interactive Quiz.

What is an Interactive Quiz

Interactive Quizzes are now the modern way or a much more engaging way to conduct quizzes while improving the outlook on the typical quizzes. Interactive Quizzes allow the students to engage and participate more with the Quiz as they answer it; it could be done by adding a gamification style or having a twist to add a fun factor to a natural quiz.

Interactive Quizzes are also widely used in devices, and a sample is a laptop and mobile phones, which makes it more convenient and accessible for students and teachers. This type of Quiz was mainly used for entertainment purposes but has now been seen to be effective in school. Teachers are now making interactive quizzes to boost the relationship between their students.

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Interactive quizzes are made by combining different styles and adding a unique factor to make them more fun. Another way to do this is by making it look more appealing to the students or exam takers; with this, it will be much easier for the students to understand, thus making it fun for them to answer the interactive Quiz.

Interactive Quiz has a specific criterion for it to be interactive. First, the interactive Quiz must combine styles in one Quiz; there should be multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and more. Second, they should have an interactive element: game mechanics, videos or images, or music. The third is how it looks; the Quiz should look appealing and easy to read and understand, and the design should complement the topic; thus, it would look manageable. Lastly, it should be user-friendly.

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OnlineExamMaker other features on why it is an all-in-one solution are the scalability of its server, grading system, detailed report, valuable insights, multiple options to share and administer quizzes, and its anti-cheat system with proctoring features. All of these features are backed up by advanced technology and AI to make it better than other online quiz platforms, and with this, OnlineExamMaker has all the features you will need for your testing needs.

Regarding the OnlineExamMaker uses, there are over 5,000 plus users who use OnlineExamMaker for their quizzes and surveys as well. Well-known brands and schools like amazon, new balance, Texas State Technical College, and more also use them.

Steps and requirements to create an Interactive Quiz.

Making an interactive quiz requires technology to make it more engaging and fun for students to answer the exam. So below are steps on how to create an interactive quiz.

Step 1. Use a quiz-making software

As stated, making an interactive quiz uses media and other sorts to improve student interaction and engagement. Quiz-making software allows you to use videos, images, and audio to make it easier to understand and add more design. Other than media, you could also add designs that complement the topic or branding of your school. With this, it would be much easier for the eye and less intimidating.

Samples of quiz-making software capable of customization, other media, and designs are Google classroom and the OnlineExamMaker.

With Google Classroom, you can access multiple questions like multiple choice, essay, fill in the bank, and more. Other than that, their personalization panel has all sorts of color combinations to help you with the design, and you can also add images to the logo you like.

In OnlineExamMaker, you will get the same advantages as Google Classroom but with more options and more robust features to help you create your interactive Quiz.
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Step 2. Add a scoring and feedback option

Adding scoring and feedback in each question or after the exam adds a reward bonus or a sensation to students who studied well and prepared for the Quiz. This option makes it more fun for students to learn as they have an immediate response to how well they have done and not just waiting and guessing for how well they have done.

The scoring option adds a friendly competition to each student, increasing the fun factor and the interaction of each student and teacher. They will look at the test as a fun competition rather than a hurdle on their path, thus making it more interactive for students.

An example is quizizz

Step 3. Adding Unique Factors

Last on the step is adding a unique factor, which includes gamification and excellent options from your chosen quiz-making tool. With this, it would improve the conventional way of quizzes into a unique one that will catch students by surprise, which makes it more interactive and enjoyable for them. These individual factors will also add a twist, increasing the fun factor and the relationship between student and teacher.