How to Build up Free Online Question Bank Yourself?

At present, more and more schools, enterprises and institutions are carrying out online examinations. The online question bank is indispensable where  the test organizer stores a large number of test questions. How can test organizers create free online question banks in response to frequent conduction of online exams?

As a practical and cost-effective online exam system, there is a free question bank in Online Exam Maker. It is simple for users to create a complete question bank in Online Exam Maker.

Upload test questions

In order to reduce the manual input in conducting online exams, users can upload exam questions to Online Exam Maker in batches. Some users may encounter problems such as the system cannot recognize the uploaded test questions, so users can download the test question template in the system before batch importing the test questions. As long as the content in the template is replaced, it can ensure that the content to be uploaded can be successfully identified by the system.

online exam system

different tools for uploading

Test questions in Online Exam Maker can be managed by categories, so users can upload test questions to a specific category in order to relieve the management pressure of test questions.

Check for duplicate questions

The test questions uploaded to the system will inevitably be repeated. In order to save the steps of manual retrieval, users can quickly query the repeated test questions in the question bank by using the test question repetition function in Online Exam Maker. Users can re-edit or delete duplicate questions.

online exam system

duplicate questions in the system

Set labels and difficulty

In addition to managing test questions by category, setting labels and question difficulty is one of the practical ways to manage test questions. Questions in Online Exam Maker can be set with labels and difficulty levels. Administrators can select questions by category, label, and difficulty when selecting questions.

In addition to storing a large number of test questions, the online question bank is convenient for the management of test questions. With just an online exam system, exam organizers can import exam questions into an online question bank. If you also need a free online question bank, please click the “sign up” button at the top right of the page to try it out, new users can also have a free question bank.