How does the Online Exam System Contribute to Paperless Society?

With the development of society, many materials have been digitized. In enterprises, many materials such as training materials are digitized; in schools, students learn online courses and take online exams, and many learning materials are digitized too. These changes can promote the paperless process of society. As one of the indispensable tools in the online exam, which functions of online exam system have contributed to the paperless process of society?

Take an exam online

In fact, the entire process of online exams is carried out online. It can save a lot of paper when students take the exam with intelligent device. A practical examination system can help users to participate in online examinations more conveniently. Candidates only need to click or scan the link or QR code shared by the administrator to directly participate in the exam.

online exam system

link and QR code for exam

Upload questions in batches

Online Exam Maker provides users with a free question bank. The administrator uploads the test questions to the question bank in batches, which not only saves paper, but also avoids the leakage of test questions. Because the test questions are stored in the system, only the administrator can enter the system to view the test questions.

online exam system

templates for uploading questions in batches

Exam report

After the exam, Online Exam Maker will automatically analyze the test report of each candidate based on the test taker’s test results. The administrator can download test taker reports in the system and then send them to the test takers.

online exam system

part of exam report

As a professional online exam system, Online Exam Maker provides professional examination services for a large number of users. Online exams have greatly promoted the paperless process of society. If you want to take a paperless exam, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to try it for free.