How can the Online Examination System Effectively Reduce Cheating Rate?

Currently, schools in many countries around the world have launched online exams. However, many candidates think that cheating is easy during online exams because candidates can stay alone to take the exam. Especially during the outbreak of COVOD-19, offline exams had to be switched to online exams. As a result, many cases of cheating in exams have occurred on a large scale, and even a large number of paid examination services have appeared, and some websites that provide learning materials have gradually developed into popular cheating platforms. For example, a website in US which is called Chegg, the questions and answers in it have increased by 200%, it makes the possibility of cheating increase greatly.

Cheating phenomenons in an online exam

  1. Others take the test in place of the examinee
  2. Candidates ask for help from people around them
  3. Search for answers online

These kinds of cheating methods often appear in online exams. As for the above methods, as an online exam system that provides professional exam services, OEM has developed a series of anti-cheating functions to reduce the cheating rate of exams.

Prevent others taking the exam instead of candidates

In order getting high scores, many candidates pay a high price to ask others to take the exam instead. However, it is easy to found. When the administrators enable the function of face recognition, they need to upload candidates’ photos to the system. When candidates enter the exam, the system will perform face recognition on the candidates, and only those candidates who successfully pass the face recognition can enter the exam. This can effectively avoid the occurrence of others taking the exam instead of candidates.

online exam system

Keep candidates from asking for help around them

Many candidates think that online exams give them a lot of opportunities to cheat because no one is proctoring the exam by their side. In fact, Online Exam Maker can invigilate the test environment of candidates. If there are multiple faces around the examinee, the face disappears, the sound of the candidates’ test environment is too loud, or the examinee shows suspected cheating behaviors such as bowing their heads, the system will warn the examinee.

online exam system

Prevent candidates to search for answers online

n the absence of teacher supervision in online exams, candidates seem to have more opportunities to switch exam pages to find answers on the Internet. However, it is not feasible in Online Exam Maker. There is an function called screen switching limited in Online Exam Maker. If candidates switch pages during the exam, the system will automatically warn them. If the examinee switches the page more than the number of times set by the administrator, the system will compulsorily submit the candidate’s answer sheet.

online exam system

In the case of a large number of candidates, in order to reduce the burden of invigilators, the administrator can not only arrange for sub-administrators to participate in invigilation, but also can focus on the candidates who are more likely to cheat during the exam process according to the cheating rate.

As long as there is an exam, there may be cheating. The anti-cheating functions in Online Exam Maker can effectively avoid the occurrence of cheating incidents. If you are interested in the anti-cheating function of Online Exam Maker, please click the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner of the page to experience this online exam system for free.