Online Examination System: Effective Anti-Cheating Techniques in Remote Examination

One thing that almost troubles all the teachers is that there are always students who do everything possible to cheat in exams. Affected by the coronavirus pandemic, many examinations are conducted online at present. But what can teachers do to effectively prevent students from cheating? Teachers can really use some help of online examination system, which provides teachers with efficient anti-cheating techniques in remote examination. Here’s the anti-cheating techniques provided by the online examination system.

No Search for Answers

Full screen mode, no copying or pasting, screen switching limit and interruption limit can prevent candidates from searching for answers during an examination.

A.Full screen mode

Candidates will enter the full screen mode during an exam once the mode is set by the administrators. Therefore, candidates are unable to exit the mode before they hand in their answer sheets, which makes it impossible for candidates to search for answers.

B.No copying or pasting

Once it is set up by the administrators, candidates are not allowed to copy or paste content during an exam. Thus, cheating by copying and pasting after searching for answers will be greatly reduced.

C.Screen switching limit and interruption limit

The administrators can limit the times that candidates are allowed to switch the screen and to interrupt the exam. And if it reaches the limit, the papers will be handed in automatically. Therefore, the candidates can not continue taking the examination.

No fake exam takers or impersonators

Face recognition is provided by the online examination system. After clicking on the exam link, the candidates have to enter the process of identity authentication. The system will scan the face of the candidate to see if it matches the photo uploaded by the administrators. And if it doesn’t match, the candidate will not be able to enter and take the exam. Therefore, cheating by fake exam takers or impersonators will not work.

No suspicious activities

A.Live Proctoring

Surveillance camera can be set up to turn on during an exam. Teachers can proctor the exam by viewing the live multi-screen monitoring. At the same time, the system will take photos of the candidates during the exam and teachers can also view the pictures after the examination. Therefore, any suspicious activities of the candidates can be captured.

B.Intelligent anti cheating monitoring

Once the intelligent anti-cheating monitoring is turned on, multiple faces, face mismatch and candidates’ little moves, such as bowing or turning their heads, can all be detected. Also, the system will detect the sound environment, and once the sound sensitivity is reached, the system will hand in the papers automatically.

The administrators can also select questions from the question bank randomly, or make the questions or the options of the questions in random order to make the exam for each candidate different to prevent cheating.

Online Exam Maker offers teachers effective anti-cheating techniques in remote examination. It also provides users with free trials now. You are welcome to have a try!

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