Employee Evaluation Software: Connecting Training and Evaluation of Cross-regional Enterprises

As one of the indispensable activities in enterprise management, enterprise training can not only regularly test the ability of employees, but also provide excellent talents for the long-term development of enterprises. As people pay more attention to corporate training, convenient and fast online training has become one of the most popular training methods.

Problems in cross-regional corporate training

Because there are a lot of difficult problems in the traditional cross-regional enterprise training, which makes employees unable to learn the knowledge required for work in the enterprise training, and the innovation ability of the enterprise will continue to weaken. In order to improve the development ability of enterprises, it is necessary to find out and solve the problems existing in traditional enterprise training.

  1. Cross-regional coordination is difficult. Subsidiaries of cross-regional enterprises are usually distributed in different places. Carrying out training is a huge challenge for both companies and employees. Each subsidiary needs to carry out their own training, which is not conducive to the exchange and mutual learning of employees in various places.
  2. High training costs. When a cross-regional enterprise conducts unified training, most employees need to go to a designated place to participate in the training, and transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, etc. are a high cost for the enterprise.
  3. Low communication efficiency. Communication in training is a difficult task for employees of cross-regional companies due to language barriers, cultural differences, and communication technology limitations.

Application of Online Examination System in Enterprise Training

The development of online examination system makes cross-regional enterprise training more convenient, and it can solve the problems in traditional cross-regional training.

  • Provide different training content. Enterprises can create training and assessment content with different content for employees in different positions or regions. Employees can learn the knowledge they need in their work in a targeted manner.
  • It is convenient for employees to study and test themselves. The biggest advantage of carrying out training and assessment in employee evaluation software is that employees can participate in learning and examination anytime and anywhere. Even employees from different regions can participate at the same time.
  • Optimize the training process and save costs. Carrying out online training not only reduces labor input, but also saves the cost of training, such as paper, transportation expenses and accommodation expenses.
  • Communication and collaboration are more convenient. When participating in training, employees from different regions can exchange their ideas online. The work experience of outstanding employees can also be made into online courses for all employees to learn.

Online Exam Maker is an excellent exam system. It not only provides examination services for people, but also a professional learning platform.

☑ Users can upload test questions in Online Exam Maker to create exclusive question banks. The questions in the question bank are tagged and managed by category.

☑ Enterprises can classify and manage employees according to different positions.

☑ Courses and exams in Online Exam Maker can be shared with employees in the form of link sharing, and employees can participate in learning and testing anytime and anywhere.