Top 8 Skills Testing Software for Employee Training & Evaluation

An efficient and skilled employee is one of the most critical assets to a thriving company, so ensuring top-quality training is vital to produce great employees. And there is no better way than to test employees’ skills in training by using skill testing software.

Skill testing software is one of the most convenient ways to track and test employees’ progress. Because using skill testing software automates any result to create a comprehensive report and make your test suited to the role. So having one is now a must, so below is the list of skill testing software for employee training and evaluation.

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The finest option for an all-purpose online hiring assessment software and trusted by many companies, organizations, and education institute is the OnlineExamMaker. With the use of the several-question bank and the ability to access video and images, OnlineExamMaker’s exam creation is one of the best features of this software.

The auto-grading and reporting system is one of the features of why it’s on the list. The system is detailed, fast, and reliable because of its advanced technology, and you can also give instant feedback to increase the engagement between proctors and takers.

Lastly, its anti-cheating system is one of the most secure systems to maintain the integrity of the Exam. It has live ID verification, a Secure exam browser, and live monitoring to prevent cheating during the test. Overall, it is excellent software for skill testing, which is why it’s the first on the list.

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Another specialized skill testing software that is well-known to millions of users due to its effectiveness and adaptability to any form of test is Eklavvya. Eklavvy adaptability stems from its capability to make comprehensive exams, and its large question bank makes it easy to formulate a test.

Eklavvya also has its anti-cheating tool through its proctoring system, which could be AI, Live, and remote proctoring to ensure the integrity of the test. Finally, its assessment system makes it easy to evaluate employees through the automated result of the Exam. Eklavvya provides great choice of software thanks to its multiple features to provide the best service to users.


Synap is a popular choice for skill testing software as they have been an award-winning online learning software. Synap is easy-to-use, flexible, and customizable software to make your Exam personalized and complex. The software can also use media like images and video for its question.

Synap also has courses and live exam features that you can use to enhance employee skills when in training and find the result accurately thanks to Synap learners tracker system and analytical reports. A suitable choice for tracking the employees’ progress in training


A Web-based online skill testing software called PeoplogicaSkills focuses on job-based skill exams to help employer track their trainees. Using PeoplogicaSkills, you can easily create a general or specific skill test because of its library of tests and questions, simplicity, and adaptability to any question. The software also has categorized pre-made tests for a particular topic you want your employee to focus on.

As for evaluating employees, their automatic reports system is precise and in-depth about the employee’s strengths. Their User-focus system also helps in using PeoplogicaSkill easy to navigate and use

Brilliant Assessments

Brilliant Assessments is a skill testing software that aims to improve the companies’ employee skills through assessments and tests that produce precise and detailed reports. Easily create feedback and reports through brilliant assessments, in-built designs, and unlimited graphics that you can personalize.

The brilliant assessment exam creation is easy and intuitive, making it user-friendly. The reports can also be produced individually and as a team to evaluate them in two ways. The software’s intelligent scoring algorithms are automated to any degree to evaluate employees’ performance.


uQualio is designed for users who aim for simplicity while being an efficient skill-testing software for employees. uQualio offers assessments, tests, and additional training courses which can be fully customized to train employees while evaluating their current skills for their work. You can create many eCourses with the help of uQualio templates and a library of other courses.

uQualio strength is in its certification management and test management as well. You can track the employee’s progress in their training and give them certification for their achievements—a perfect skill-testing software for those who want simple yet excellent software.

Think Exam

Think Exam is an excellent option for those who want an online implemented exam with a smooth experience. Think Exam test creation is one of the most flexible as you can freely implement any add-on to a particular question or the whole Exam, like a timer or calculator to cater to any topic.

A remote proctoring system in Think Exam includes live id verification, Ai-based automated proctoring, and human base live proctoring to ensure the integrity of the test. Lastly, its optimum reporting system gives advanced analyzing tools with detailed and in-depth reports of the taker.


A top option for quick and straightforward skill test software fully implemented in the web browser is named Nexam. This skill test software is user-friendly, making it convenient to any user while maintaining its high service.

Nexam is a test creation capable of any question, like a short to long development question up to case studies questions. Its customizable result system makes it easy to track and compile any result to create a comprehensive report with complete analysis using Nexam.

Final Thoughts

All of the software on the list is a great option to choose from. Each software has its unique report system and exam creation. The only thing that separates them from each other is the other feature that they offer on their skill testing software. And one cut above the rest is the OnlineExamMaker. Because of its advanced technology, they provide more quality and tools, making it an all-in-one online test and evaluation software for corporate, government, and school institutes.