Digital Transformation: How can Educational Institutions Solve the Enrollment Problem?

Student resources can be considered fundamental to the survival of an educational institution. Enrollment is the main way for educational institutions to obtain students to ensure their operation and development. However, the development of many educational institutions is increasingly difficult, unable to get enough students to maintain the operation of the institution, even if there are quality courses can not reach more potential students. How to solve this problem is a constant concern for every educational institution.

Reasons for enrollment difficulties

The traditional business model of educational institutions is no longer able to adapt to the changes in the market, and they are eager to find a new path for development. Before that, they need to figure out what causes the institution enrollment difficulties.

1. Poor offline enrollment. The traditional enrollment method will make the enrollment scope is limited, the institution can only be promoted in a specific area. And the high cost and time investment increases the operating costs of the institution, at the same time, the effect is difficult to measure, the institution is difficult to adjust the strategy in the subsequent promotion.
2. Teaching content is difficult to retain and update. The form of offline teaching is very limited, coupled with the rapid evolution and updating of knowledge and technology in modern society, it is difficult for organizations to change teaching methods and update teaching materials in a short period of time.
3. High operating costs. Offline operation means high operating costs for educational institutions, which include site rental and maintenance costs, personnel costs, material and equipment costs, promotion and marketing costs. If there is a long-term lack of students and high operating costs, it is difficult for the organization to maintain its business.

Digital solution to enrollment difficulties

In recent years, a large number of SaaS training and examination systems have emerged in the market, providing great help for the digital upgrading and transformation of the education industry. Educational institutions can use Online Exam Maker to digitally upgrade and solve enrollment problems. The specific operation is as follows:

● Offer a trial course at a low price. For consumers, it is unlikely that they will pay for a course at one time at the regular price before experiencing a new class. So offering a low price trial is the best way to pull in new students and shorten the process of exposure and awareness.

● Provide space for course retention to facilitate knowledge updating and iteration. It is relatively easy to keep and update the iteration of electronic materials. In the case of U Exam, users of educational institutions can upload many types of courseware to the system, which can be stored in the system for a long time. If there are knowledge points that need to be changed, just change the content of the courseware. And as long as the classification is done well, it will be quite easy to use and organize the courseware in the following.

● Provide personalized learning. Regardless of whether a training institution offers small or large classes, it is difficult to meet the individual learning needs of students. Online training can do this, mainly because it offers greater flexibility, regardless of location, and the ability to personalize the learning process using the study plans in Online Exam Maker. This can attract a large number of students as well as teachers to the organization.

Educational institutions can do much more than that, they can also use Online Exam Maker to build institutional branding, provide diversified courses, diversified assessment, etc. to create a complete enrollment training system.

What does the upgraded training system look like?

With Online Exam Maker, teaching and training organizations can move the complete process of enrollment training online. The details are as follows:

● Enrollment Registration. It can be used for online enrollment registration, students can submit enrollment information online no need to collect student information manually;
● Online training. Educational institutions can choose different forms of instruction;
● Online Exam. At the end of the course, the exam is the best way to test the training results of the students. In case of professional certification exams, Online Exam Maker can also be utilized to issue certificates to students.

Digital transformation is a necessary path for teaching and training institutions, how to get the maximum benefit with the lowest cost is a problem that all institutions will think about. Utilizing Online Exam Maker for upgrading and development is a positive move for both teaching and learning institutions and students, and I believe that all teaching and learning institutions can find a new path for development.