Clear Exam Process in LAN System to Help Conduct Online Exam

The most users will prefer to use Saas version of online exam system, because it doesn’t need to download any software, only login the account on the website can directly create exam. In addition, some users pay more attention to the security of test data, so LAN exam maker will be more suitable for them. However, for the LAN system, there are many users who are not aware of its process for creating exams. This article will use Online Exam Maker as a tool to clearly introduce the whole process of using the LAN exam to carry out the exam to the user.

Admin creates exam papers

Before creating the test paper, an important step is to upload the test questions to the question bank. Because when selecting questions for the test paper, it is more convenient to select the questions directly from the question bank. In order for the system to accurately identify the test questions, the administrator can download our test question template and replace the template content with your test questions.

After preparing all the exam questions, administrators need only four steps to create a complete exam paper. Including filling in test information, selecting test questions, setting answering rules, and publishing test papers. Candidates click on the link shared by the administrator to enter the exam.

online exam system


Candidates take the exam

When preparing for the exam, admin needs to manage the candidate information, that is to say, admin should input the test takers’ personal information or create “test registration”, the latter is the examinee to fill in the information, do not need the administrator input.

Candidates need to enter the test within the time specified by the administrator, and they need to abide by the test rules during the test process. If a candidate cheats, all his cheating behaviors will be recorded in the exam report.

online exam system

Invigilate during exam

Exams with camera proctoring enabled require administrators to invigilate candidates’ exam behavior during the exam. During this process, administrators can send customized warnings if candidates cheat.

Exam is over

When the exam is over, admin needs to correct the test papers and analyze the test data of the candidates. However, exams created in the online exam system allow administrators to save the both jobs. The system will automatically correct all questions except the essay question, which can be automatically graded based on keywords. After the examination paper is marked, the administrator can immediately view the exam report of each candidate.

online exam system

It is not complicated to carry out exam in LAN system, the simple operating system of the Online Exam Maker allows the administrator to quickly grasp the use of the system. If you are also interested in the LAN system mentioned above, please download it for a free trial on Online Exam Maker website.