Can Online Exam System support to select questions randomly to form an online exam?

The online exam system is working as an intelligent exam provider. So, can it be intelligent enough to support to select questions randomly when forming an online exam? The answer is YES.

To begin with, it needs only 4 steps to create and release an exam in Online Exam Maker, a popular online exam system:
1st: Fill in the exam basic information
2nd: Add questions
3rd: Exam settings
4th: Release

When adding questions, users can choose the [random] mode.
Under this mode, the exam papers of each candidates are different.
As long as users have imported questions to the questions bank, users can add question randomly to the exam.
There are 3 sorting options for the questions sequence:
❶Sorted by question type
❷Sorted by category
❸Sorted randomly

Here is the instruction:

What’s more, users can also randomize the options sequence  of each question. The same question, different options This also is one of the anti-cheating method.

Our Online Exam System, Online Exam Maker supports to select questions randomly to form an online exam. Hope this can be your last choice. Sign up now and have a free try on it.