A Test Method which Adapts to the Development of Society

With the development of technology, almost everyone is using smart devices and the Internet. In this increasingly fast-paced society, people prefer an efficient and fast lifestyle. For example, many resources are digitized online; many people learn courses and attend classes in related fields on the Internet. Because the use of smart devices and the Internet not only makes learning methods more diversified, but it is also an efficient learning method that conforms to the trend of social development. For exams, online exams make people more excited. Because it is not only a new test method, but also in line with people’s pursuit of a convenient life in the current society. To make exams convenient, it needs the help of the online exam system. The following are several aspects of a professional examination system such as Online Exam Maker, which is used by more and more users, to facilitate online examinations.

Easy to operate

Most examination systems have the functions of creating test papers, correcting test papers, and analyzing test results. For organizers, a simple operating system can save a lot of time. For example, Online Exam Maker supports four steps to create a test paper; import test questions in batches, etc.

online exam system

Improved proctoring accuracy

Many people think that online exams will have more opportunities to cheat. In fact, using Online Exam Maker to conduct online exams can better guarantee the fairness of the exam. Because there are many anti-cheating features in the system. For example, he administrator can check the violation rate of the exam during the exam, and then focus on the candidates with a high violation rate.

online exam system

Correction and analysis

Online Exam Maker can automatically correct questions that have fixed answers. That means if the test taken by the candidate is multiple-choice, true or false or fill-in-the-blank, then he can get his score immediately after the test is over. The manager does not need to waste time correcting the test paper. At the same time, the system will analyze the results of each examinee in multiple dimensions, and the administrator can quickly obtain the examination results of the examinees. So that they can improve the quality of the test questions and teaching methods.

online exam system

Exercise of wrong questions

When the exam is over, the system will help candidates collect wrong questions, which helps them quickly grasp the wrong questions. In addition, the administrator can add explanations of the answers to the test questions when editing the test questions, which is conducive to the independent study of the test takers.

online exam system

Online Exam Maker is recognized by more and more people because it not only has powerful functions, but more importantly, it is easy to operate. If you also want to save time and energy when conducting online exams, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience this practical online exam system for free.