A Guide to the Selection of Online Testing Tools Suitable for the Public

online exam system

Online exams have undoubtedly become a popular exam mode adopted by schools and enterprises during the COVID-19. Because the epidemic has made most people work and study from home, people’s normal work and study life cannot be paused for a long time. Everything should be solved and online testing is one way of testing that meets people’s needs. However, how to choose an online exam system has become a new problem.

Everyone’s evaluation of each product is different, and users can choose the test system that suits them based on their actual needs. Let’s see how can Online Exam Maker meet most of users’ needs.


Online exams are easily affected by the network and the number of simultaneous online exams, the stability of the system is crucial. Online Exam Maker can effectively ensure the stability of exams. Because it supports more than 10,000 people to take online exams at the same time. If the test taker interrupts the test due to special circumstances, he/she can re-enter the test by logging in to the system again, and the system will automatically save the test progress.


There are no restrictions of industry to use Online Exam Maker. There are lots   of intelligent functions, which are suitable for actual use scenarios. In the whole process of the exam, there are a series of practical functions in Online Exam Maker. For example, batch upload of test questions before the test, information management of candidates; intelligent invigilation, cheating warnings and records during the test; automatic correction of test papers and data analysis after the test, etc.


An efficient online exam system can reduce the investment of personnel and help the test organizer reduce work pressure. Online Exam Maker provides users with test question templates to help users upload test questions to the system quickly; during the test, the intelligent anti-cheating function helps users to automatically detect cheating behavior and send cheating warnings, and even automatically submit test papers; after the test, Users do not need to mark exam papers and analyze exam data.

Safe and reliable

Ensuring the fairness of online exams is a challenge for many exam organizers. It is easy to do it with Online Exam Maker. In Online Exam Maker, there are variety of powerful anti-cheating functions, such as face recognition before the test, intelligent anti-cheating detection, anti-screen switching and so on.

The above requirements will be considered by most of users when they purchasing an online exam system. More detailed functions can be found on the official website of Online Exam Maker.