Top 10 Smart Exam Generators that Every Teacher Should Use

Do you ever feel like your workload is too heavy? Always manually making activities, assignments, lesson plans, and tests? As a teacher, we’re always on the move and working, even at home. There’s no escaping duty! And after a hard day’s work, you’re left to check and grade them all on your own. Gosh, what a hassle! Teachers aren’t paid enough for this job. But we’ve got to pick ourselves up anyway. But what if there’s a way to lessen our workload and make it easier? Something to appease the demanding elements of the teaching job. A hidden ace that boosts productivity and reduces the time and energy wasted. And no, it’s not coffee!

Lucky for you, there are tools we can use to make the teaching profession easier! What tools, may you ask? These tools are called exam generators or test-making software. They provide a platform where you can do your job with relative ease. Exam generators use technology and the internet to make your job less bothersome! Here are five intelligent exam generators for teachers:

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1. OnlineExamMaker

The first and leading test-making software is OnlineExamMaker. OnlineExamMaker is number one in its field. It provides you with everything you require! You can create, publish, and monitor online exams all in one place. OnlineExamMaker allows access anytime and anywhere. It’s a mobile-friendly platform that your students can use with comfort. It has an on-premise and self-hosting feature that gives you 100% data privacy. OnlineExamMaker has an incredible AI-Powered cheating prevention system. It ensures your tests a hundred percent security when monitoring exams. Even with a large number of students!

OnlineExamMaker has a one-of-a-kind remote proctoring solution. You’ll be able to see your candidates while they take the exam via webcams! It has a video recording feature that you can review after. OnlineExamMaker has diverse test types that can adapt to your needs. It has a direct and easy-to-navigate web interface that’s beginner-friendly! You can create assignments, quizzes, and examinations in no time. OnlineExamMaker even calculates and grades automatically. It sends your participants the results instantly. And it gives them custom-designed certificates of completion! OnlineExamMaker has fantastic software that thinks about you and your students.

Unique Qualities:
● AI-Powered Anti-Cheat System
● Remote Proctoring Function with Video Recording
● Versatile Test and Question Types
● Auto-Grading System
● Insightful Reports and Results Analysis

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2. Testinvite

The following exam generator is Testinvite. Testinvite is an all-in-one test-making platform that serves teachers! You can publish and conduct assessments and examinations with comfort. Testinvite has remarkable testing software. It even includes the whole process of test-making. From finding the right question types, test monitoring, and analyzing results! Its quick and easy steps make your job easier!

Testinvite makes your work secure and hassle-free. You can manage your tests and overlook your students at the same time! It leaves no room for cheating with its anti-cheat features. And they have fantastic customer service that is dedicated to aiding your concerns. With Testinvite, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Unique Qualities:
● Cloud-based Assessment
● Anti-Cheating System
● High Scalability
● Detailed Reports

3. ExamBuilder

ExamBuilder is a comprehensive and user-friendly exam maker software that caters to the needs of educators, trainers, and organizations. With its intuitive interface and robust features, ExamBuilder simplifies the process of creating, administering, and analyzing exams. Whether it’s for academic institutions, corporate training programs, or certification exams, ExamBuilder offers a powerful platform to streamline assessment workflows and enhance the learning experience.

Unique Qualities:
● Extensive Question Library
● Customizable Exam Templates
● Real-time Grading and Feedback
● Instant Exam Reports and Analytics

4. QuizMaster

QuizMaster is a versatile and comprehensive exam maker software designed to simplify the process of creating and managing assessments. Whether it’s for educational institutions, training centers, or professional certification programs, QuizMaster provides a user-friendly platform with robust features to meet diverse assessment needs.

Unique Qualities:
● Wide Range of Question Types
● Question Bank Management
● Customizable Exam Settings
● Interactive Exam Interface
● Grading and Analysis

5. ExamMaster

ExamMaster is a comprehensive exam maker software designed to simplify the process of creating, managing, and analyzing assessments. It caters to educational institutions, professional certification programs, and organizations that require a robust platform for exam creation and delivery. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, ExamMaster streamlines the entire assessment process, from question creation to grading and analytics.

Unique Qualities:
● Question Bank Management
● Customizable Exam Creation
● Automated Grading to Save You Time & Energy
● Instant Analytics and Reporting

6. TestBuilder Plus

QuizMaster Pro is a comprehensive exam maker software designed to simplify the process of creating, administering, and analyzing assessments. Whether for educational institutions, corporate training, or certification programs, QuizMaster Pro provides a user-friendly platform with powerful features. It offers a streamlined exam creation workflow, efficient grading options, and insightful analytics to enhance the assessment experience for both educators and learners.

Unique Qualities:
● Easy-to-Use Quiz Editor
● Multimedia Integration
● Question Randomization and Pooling
● Customizable Exam Templates
● Instant Feedback and Grading
● Performance Analytics and Reporting
● Flexible Exam Delivery Options

7. ExamPro

ExamPro is a versatile and user-friendly exam maker software designed to streamline the process of creating, administering, and grading assessments. It caters to the needs of educational institutions, corporate trainers, and certification programs, offering a comprehensive set of features that make exam management efficient and effective. With its intuitive interface and robust functionality, ExamPro empowers educators and organizations to create engaging and customized exams while saving time and resources.

Unique Qualities:
● Flexible Question Types
● Exam Customization
● Analytics and Reporting
● Exam Security and Anti-cheating Features
● API & Integration

8. Testmoz

Next up is TestMoz. TestMoz is a validated testing software that allows you to create and distribute tests. It’s a neat substitute for hard labor and extra effort! And this is because TestMoz does the grading for you. It’s a simple and direct software that beginners can use. It even displays the results instantly! TestMoz has the most detailed results page that’s easy on the eye and understandable. It gives you a laid-out chart of how your students did!

TestMoz helps you in designing your tests. You can create questions easily, drag them around, copy them, and more! It even has an auto-save feature that saves your editing history. In that way, you don’t lose any progress you’ve made. You can even import questions from an excel file! TestMoz is known to be adaptive and updated. With TestMoz, you can create exams in record time.

Unique Qualities:
● Auto-Save Feature
● Undo and Redo Button
● Re-Grading Errors in Checking
● User-friendly

9. Help Teaching

HelpTeaching is the test-making ground for teachers. HelpTeaching is versatile and easy to use. Its software enables you to create worksheets, tests, activities, lessons, and games. And it even allows you to print online resources from the internet! HelpTeaching’s website has a vast library of pre-made test templates, worksheets, and activities! It even includes all K-12 subjects, early education, and AP-level materials. It has a large number of options when it comes to quiz and question types.

HelpTeaching has an incredible test-maker that generates customized tests. With HelpTeaching, you can create custom-designed assessments that have great questions! It can vary from Multiple-choice to Open-ended questions. It even has advanced Math and Science questions. HelpTeaching has a Test Room feature that you can use. It caters to individual students or a large number of them! Perfect for periodicals and special exams!

Unique Qualities:
● Different Test Templates
● Multiple Question Types
● K-12, Early level, and AP-level Inclusive
● Over 3000 Test Worksheets

10. EXAMgen

EXAMgen is another leading online exam generator. EXAMgen has quality quizzes and test templates made for your use. You can make question pools for elementary, middle school, and high school! Whether you are a teacher in math, science, history, or social studies. You can use EXAMgen for creating your examinations! EXAMgen’s test generator enables you to make A-grade homework, quizzes, and exams! It provides organized question banks arranged by topics and standards. EXAMgen makes discovering the questions you need easier. It even allows you to create classroom material smoothly and efficiently!

EXAMgen gives the help you need to create top-rate assessments and activities. A long day’s work turned in a matter of minutes! It saves both your time and effort. EXAMgen has a Common Core question bank. It allows you to find question types that match your criteria. And this is because your files are stored in the cloud! You won’t have to keep moving or tracking them. Especially if you use different devices. With EXAMgen, test-making is made easy.

Unique Qualities:
● Common Core Question Bank
● Cloud Storage
● Auto-Save Feature
● Grade Level Inclusive