5 Quiz Makers That Improve Candidates’ Participation in Online Tests

Online testing is convenient because it allows people in different places to take the same exam through the network. It is widely used on all of the industries. For example, enterprise recruitment, school tests, knowledge contests, personality tests, etc. can all be satisfied by online tests.

The steps to take an online quiz should not be complicated, simple operations can increase the participation of candidates. In addition, there are several ways to increase the participation of candidates in the online test:

☑Integral ranking encourages candidates to obtain high scores

☑Testing must be fair

☑Reduce the waiting time for test takers

☑Multiple types of test questions to make test more interesting

☑Simple answering method allows candidates to answer questions quickly

When you choose a quiz maker, please note that the above few ways to increase test taker participation can help you choose a practical test maker tool. To help you find the right tool faster, we’ve narrowed down the options for you.

Online Exam Maker

online quiz maker

Online Exam Maker is an easy-to-operate online quiz maker, which is suitable for online quiz in all industries. The various functions help test organizers quickly create online tests. The administrator side and the examinee side are independent, and users can create and take online tests online without downloading software. Candidates do not need to register an account to take the exam.

Main features:

  • Forever free trial
  • Real-time online proctoring
  • AI-based automated proctoring
  • Screen lock during exam
  • Cheating record
  • Ranking list
  • Certificate
  • Exam link to share exam
  • 10 types of test questions
  • Upload attachment to answer an essay question
  • Automatic scoring
  • Exam data analysis
  • Personalized setting


online quiz maker

YouTestMe is a safe and reliable examination system, which is suitable for continuous assessment of knowledge assessment, government, enterprise, bank and other industries.

Main features:

  • 30-day free trial
  • Automated proctoring
  • Automatic scoring
  • Candidate management
  • Data analysis
  • Time limit
  • Test arrangement
  • Survey and feedback
  • Multilingual tests


online quiz maker

TestGorilla is an online testing tool commonly used by corporate human resources departments to screen candidates. The SaaS-based operating system make users free from downloading. Automated screening of candidates saves the time spent manually screening resumes and helps companies quickly find suitable candidates.

Main features:

  • Forever free trial
  • Automated proctoring
  • Candidate comparison
  • Survey and Feedback
  • Recording answers
  • Multiple types of tests
  • Session recording
  • Mobile access
  • Interview management


online quiz maker

ExamBuilder is an online exam builder that combines video training and exam creation. Its interface is simple and easy to operate to help users create an online exam within minutes.

Main features:

  • Weighted questions
  • Certificate
  • Learning management
  • Video training
  • Exam scheduling
  • Feedback
  • Exam Notice
  • 6 types of test questions

Think exam

online quiz maker

Think exam focuses on online exams in education, enterprise, recruitment and other industries. Users can conduct skills tests, personality tests, etc. on this platform to screen suitable candidates.

Main features:

  • 9 test question types
  • Candidate management
  • Create certificate
  • Monetize
  • Test report
  • Mobile apps
  • Anti-cheating


Increasing the participation of test takers in online testing is necessary as more and more exams are now being taken online. Online exams not only reduce human input, but also allow users to create and participate in exams online. Hope this article helps you choose the suitable online test maker.