5 Candidate Management Functions to Optimize the Exam Process in Online Exam Systems

While online exam systems have become an indispensable tool in the education field, however, large-scale online exams also pose challenges in candidate management. Candidate management plays a crucial role in

exam systems, helping educators to effectively manage candidate information, organize exam scheduling, prevent cheating, and provide detailed exam results and analysis. In this article, we will introduce you to the candidate management feature in Online Exam Maker, which allows educators to manage online exams efficiently.

Why we need the feature of candidate management?

  • Needs of Educators and Administrators

Candidate Management enables educators and administrators to effectively manage and organize candidate information. They can easily access and update candidates’ profiles, enrollment records, test scores, and other important information. This helps them understand candidates’ backgrounds, learning needs, and performance so they can provide personalized support and guidance.

  • Students’ needs

Students need a convenient channel to register and enroll for exams. The candidate management function enables students to easily fill in their personal information, select the exam program that suits their needs, and access relevant exam notifications and materials. This helps to increase students’ motivation and satisfaction in participating in exams.

  • Data Management and Analysis

Candidate Management enables the system to centrally store and manage candidate information. By tracking students’ progress and test scores, the system can generate real-time data and reports that provide educators and administrators with accurate information about student performance. This helps in assessing student learning outcomes and formulating teaching strategies accordingly.

Features of candidate management in Online Exam Maker

Candidate Registration

Candidate registration in Online Exam Maker is an important part of conducting online exams, which simplifies the candidate registration process and provides a user-friendly interface. Through the registration function, candidates can create a personal account, fill in the necessary personal information, and select the desired exam program in the candidate back-end. This function ensures the accuracy and security of the candidate’s identity. Through identity verification and information collection, Online Exam Maker is able to ensure that only designated candidates can participate in the exam and maintain the fairness and reliability of the exam.

candidate's back-end

Candidate Information Management

Online Exam Maker provides users with the ability to manage candidate information, through which administrators can access and update candidate information more easily. In Online Exam Maker, users perform a series of batch processing. For example, batch uploading candidates, batch exporting candidates and study records. By creating different categories, administrators can categorize and manage candidates.

candidate list

Exam Arrangement

Online Exam Maker supports users to complete a series of processes to create online exams online. Administrators can organize exams in Online Exam Maker in a planned way, including setting the date, time and duration of each exam, avoiding conflicts between different exams. In addition, administrators can designate candidates to take exams in different exams, and candidates can also view the available exams in the background.

exam settings

Candidate Analysis

Online Exam Maker provides users with exam results and analysis capabilities that can generate detailed candidate reports. These reports are essential for assessing candidate performance. The system automatically calculates and records each candidate’s scores and grades, and provides comprehensive statistics and analysis, including the difficulty of the questions, how they were answered, and the distribution of scores. Through these analyses, administrators can gain an in-depth understanding of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and provide personalized guidance in a targeted manner.

Candidate analysis

Candidate Support and Feedback

In addition to the exam function, Online Exam Maker also provides users with the ability to create online courses. Users can upload many types of courseware to the system and create them for candidates to study, providing exam support for the exam.The questionnaire function in Online Exam Maker  can help users collect feedback from candidates in order to improve the online exam process.

online learning