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2022-12-02 14:07:08

Last Saturday, IPISchool was invited to participate in the 170th anniversary celebration of St. Paul's College, a famous traditional college in Hong Kong. Students, parents, and outstanding people gathered at the scene. Youth and inheritance, academics and practice echoed each other, and it was very lively.


Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui is a well-known host in Hong Kongand an outstanding alumnus of St. Paul's College. Under the invitation of the current principal, Mr. Dennis Yuen, he boarded the auditorium podium of St. Paul's College and shared a speech on "Make Me Who I am Today".


Lawrence Cheng is indeed a TOP host in Hong Kong. At the age of 67, whether the body shape, spirit, or on-site response, expression, are all high spirits, and witty remarks and is not inferior to his younger generations. He shared fun story in his childhood. It was the tolerance and guidance of teachers, classmates, college mottos, college songs and parents that opened up his indissoluble bond with film and television. When he encountered confusion and difficulties in life, the motto in the college leaded him make the right decision.


At the beginning of speech, Lawrence Cheng threw out the mystery and mobilize the atmosphere of the scene: "Everyone knows that I have been an artist for 50 years, and I support my family by speaking. When I received an invitation from an alumnus that day, the alumni still timidly asked me how much the college would pay for my appearance?" The audience laughed and looked forward to it.


At the end, Lawrence Cheng responded to the opening question, highlighted the theme, and said: "I am so expensive, and I have to receive the appearance fee. However, I have received it already. Yes, 50 years ago the college has paid it. I, and I have benefited a lot, that is why made me who I am today" then won the roar of applause from the audience.


Jasper Tsang Yok-sing, former chairman of the Legislative Council, shared his experiences at college in English. For example, the principal at the time received a complaint from the off-campus canteen about the college’s students smoking in the store. That was Hong Kong in the 1940s. Not only was there no smoking ban, but even the college's male teachers smoked unscrupulously in the lounge. The principal didn't talk too much, but when he meet the students at the college gate the next morning, he reminded the students in charge that everything should not affect others. Respect teachers, students, and teachers in college; respect people around you outside college. Indeed, this is the culture at the deepest level of a mature society. The longer you stay in Hong Kong, the deeper your experience.

No wonder, most of the good schools in Hong Kong are called "traditional famous schools". May I ask, students who grow up in such a history, culture, and school spirit can absorb more than just subject knowledge?


This not only coincides with the educational philosophy of cultivating independent and intelligent learning ability advocated by IPISchool, but also the reason why parents and students of college choose to use IPISchool.


On the road of growth, IPISchool is always with you.

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