IPIer got close to full marks in GL

2022-10-15 10:49:01

Today IPI got a good news. One of IPI students David Lam who is studying from DBIS HK, participated in the authoritative GL mathematics test in the UK (full mark is 141), and David got 138, which is almost a perfect score. David started to contact and practice IPI from 2020.



What is GL?


GL Assessment is the world's leading assessment agency, providing exam assessment services to UK, bilingual and international schools in the UK, overseas and in more than 100 countries around the world.

This time the students participated in The Progress Test Series developed by GL Assessment.



David said:

I started practicing IPI exercises recently. At the beginning, there was no online system, but we practiced the IPI question bank on paper and accepted the teacher's guidance, which made me feel the importance of practice and the beauty of mathematics. The improved grades also strengthened my confidence. Through the careful practice of different knowledge points, IPI can get a better understanding of the mastery of each knowledge point. From the classification and summary of the exam, I can see the pertinence of practice for different knowledge points. Around 2 hours of practice a week, the effect is obvious, and it does not take up too much of my spare time. You know, I still need to practice football for 2 hours a day.



IPI Said:

Score is not everything, self-learning ability is your greatest gain. Congrats again and keep going.


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