IPI School makes learning intelligent

2022-08-20 21:31:04

Today's education is for tomorrow. Excellent education should look to the future and adapt to the changing world in the future. What schools and parents can do, is to teach them how to guide and assist students to master the laws, methods and thinking modes of learning new knowledge.


Cultivating children's desire for knowledge and the enthusiasm and ability to learn and master new knowledge is the greater wish of the IPI wisdom practice platform.

Through AI intelligent analysis, we can quickly locate the learning stage of students and the degree of mastery of knowledge units, and carry out targeted and efficient practice and learning improvement. At the same time, the system supports personalization and independent learning, complements the past knowledge points, and actively learns and grasps the future knowledge points.


IPI school's intelligent learning map intelligently recommends efficient learning plans that meet students' abilities. Through the AI learning intelligent analysis system, IPI school launches targeted learning map guidance every week to help students understand their learning stages, knowledge points, and subsequent learning and exploration tasks


IPI school establishes a real-time intelligent diagnosis system based on knowledge units to quickly locate and find out the deficiencies of students in real time, help children find learning points, knowledge blind spots and carry out targeted exercises


IPI school online learning training system provides useful and interesting video courseware to students. Students can learn online to understand the main points of knowledge.


IPI school tutoring support system provides distance teaching tutors to support students' learning one-on-one. At the same time, students can also evaluate the guidance of tutors to form mutual communication and promotion.

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