Through practice we can achieve freedom

2022-08-20 21:26:57

Although a bird is born with a pair of wings and has the ability to fly, it cannot fly without practice. Before he soared in the air, he had to go through many exercises and fell to the ground again and again until one day, he could fly freely in the air.


Children are born with the ability of learning and cognition. However, without systematic practice, they still cannot master all the contents of the learning stage. Without brick by brick construction, it is difficult to build a pyramid of personal learning and growth in the future.


IPI school has established a three-level knowledge classification system that meets the discipline requirements of CCSS. According to the question type, question quantity, difficulty and examination requirements, it helps students systematically practice.


IPI school uses AI learning intelligent analysis and diagnosis system to launch targeted learning maps every week to help children find learning points, knowledge blind spots and carry out targeted exercises.


The knowledge system of IPI school has been analyzed by many American education experts to meet the practice requirements of students in the latest learning stage through rigorous analysis, detailed refinement and optimization.


When we see the students show natural and confident expression, this is the result of unremitting efforts and practice. IPI school's efficient and high-quality intelligent practice system will help students have such a wonderful state through hard training, preparation and practice.

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