IPISchool cultivates student independent

2022-08-20 21:23:31

Without the supervision of parents and teachers, students can complete the learning plan independently every week according to the guidance of IPI school's unique intelligent learning map. It has not only reached the level of school function A+, but also established the ability of independent learning.


IPI school intelligent learning system allows students to independently conduct auxiliary exercises in the primary and secondary school stage in combination with the school's teaching. Students can independently learn, practice and review knowledge points according to the guidance of the systematic learning map, and constantly master the learning essence and key points of each grade and each knowledge unit.


IPI school continuously guides students to explore the ocean of knowledge through its unique and intelligent learning map. Through the AI learning intelligent analysis and diagnosis system, IPI school launches targeted learning map guidance every week to help students understand their learning stages, knowledge points and the next learning and exploration tasks.


IPI school helps students experience the happiness of progress and achievement from practice, and cultivate students' interest in active and independent learning. Through step-by-step exploration, reaching the standard, mastering and progress, IPI school enables students to continuously feel a sense of achievement from learning, cultivate the fun of learning, and gradually develop the ability and habit of independent learning.


IPI school is equipped with online tutors for each student. Once a week, they can help students find problems, overcome difficulties and strengthen their confidence in learning. The cultivation of independent ability can not be established overnight. It will encounter various dangers and difficulties, which will easily strike and affect the progress and confidence of students. According to the assessment and guidance of IPI school intelligent system, online tutors will provide effective assistance and helpful guidance when necessary. The journey of learning is no longer lonely, and the exploration of the ocean of knowledge goes hand in hand.


Montessori once said: if anyone can not be independent, there can be no freedom.


A free person must be a happy person and a person with independent ability.


Like parents, IPI school will help foster independent students and is the most precious gift given to students by parents.

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