IPISchool School – Queen's College, HK

2023-09-01 10:42:32

Queen's College is believed to be the first government secondary school established in Hong Kong during the colonial period. Formerly known as Central College (then known as Grand College) founded in 1862 and Victoria College in 1889, Queen's College has been in use since 1894. Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of the Republic of China, also studied at the Central College, the predecessor of Queen's College, in 1884.

Queen's College is currently located in a government secondary school in Wan Chai District, which is a traditional government English Band 1A boys' secondary school, known as the No. 1 government secondary school in Hong Kong. Since the opening of the first DSE examination in 2012 to 2022, Queen's College has produced a total of 13 DSE champions - almost every year.


Queen's College focuses on students' balanced development in moral, intellectual, physical, community and aesthetic education, practices whole-person education, and abides by the five core values of diligence, brotherhood, integrity, responsibility and pursuit of excellence, so as to cultivate students' good character and multiple intelligences and help them become future leaders in society.


The school motto of "Diligence and Meritorious Work" reflects the reading ethos of Queen‘s college students who attach importance to hard work. "Brotherhood" is the friendship cherished by the students. After graduating, the old students still do not forget the cultivation of their alma mater, and often return to school to support their juniors. In recent years, alumni have set up a "mentorship programme" – where seniors in different industries provide professional training to their students and give them advice on their "career planning". "Integrity" and "sense of responsibility" are the individual's own behavioral norms, as well as the attitude towards others, which are the moral cultivation common to Queen‘s college teachers and students. As for the pursuit of excellence, it is the goal that every Queen's student strives to pursue in order to achieve self-worth.  


Queen's College has many outstanding alumni who are full of talents, such as:

Dr. Sun Yat-sen: Founding father of the Republic of China

Fok Yingdong: Former vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

Stanley Ho: Founder of Shun Tak Group Limited

Wong Pingyiu is one of the founders of the University of Hong Kong

Liao Zhongkai: Revolutionary leader

Duan Chongzhi: President of Chinese University of Hong Kong


At present, there are some students in Queen's College, who use IPISCHOOL for mathematics learning with good results.

Best wishes to IPISchool students for even better achievements!

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