Why Online Exam System Is Recommended to Enterprises?

A job interview often begins with a written test, especially when you are applying for a job related to language or technology using.

Why recommend enterprises to conduct the online exam?
Speaking from my own experience as an employee, I’ve not really been satisfied with recruitment efficiency. Why? Take most of the job interview experiences as examples. Every time an applicant  get an interview invitation, it costs he/she at least 30 minutes to take transportation to the target company. When arriving, the first thing applicant mostly is asked to do is filling an information form and finish a test behind. I know the test is a reference for company to evaluate knowledge level whether fits in its requirements. When submitting the answer sheet, the HR may just let applicants wait for the result at home. They may even not get the opportunity to talk. If applicants pass the test, they need to come again for a further face-to-face interview. If not, it really a time wasting action to take that test.

Why not apply online exam systems, like Online Exam Maker to ask the applicants to test online?
The test is to assess the applicants’ basic theoretical knowledge and logical thinking ability. The test is to ensure that each applicant who enters the interview process owns the most basic ability to meet corporate requirements.

First, for safety. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, stay-at-home order is working to restrict people unnecessary social activities.  Exam online can be helpful not only to prevent people engage in danger but also advance the recruitment.

Second, for saving time. In terms of applicants, exam online largely saves their commuting time. They just need to exam in the online exam system, and wait for the result at home.

Third, for efficiency. Online exam better improves the recruitment efficiency. Organizers create one exam, and all the applicants who are invited can exam online within the stipulated time. In the Online Exam Maker, it provides the intelligent anti-cheating functions for guaranteeing fairness while the applicants exam online. Besides, the test result will automatically be produced once the exam has completed. A comparison can be made based on the direct and clear analysis helping enterprises to select the better applicants.

The recruitment way adopting the Online Exam Maker that the ability test of job interview can be more flexible leading to the high-efficient hiring work.

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