Why do Schools Need to Go Digital?

It is believed that people living in modern society can feel the convenience that advanced technology brings to life. With the rapid development of technology, data in all walks of life are gradually being digitally managed. Digitization can promote the development of paperless, it makes the society develop and also contribute to environmental protection. What are the benefits of going paperless?

  1. Save physical space, all data can be uploaded to the online platform after the data is digitized.
  2. It is easier to manage digital files. The administrator can search for the fileyou need according to the classification of the file, and then modify it.
  3. The most importantis that the digitization of data can save resources and protect the environment.

Digitization brings convenience to people in file management. For the education industry, can it be digitalized?

The digitalization of schools can start with examinations, because examinations are the fastest activity to use more paper. At present, more and more schools carry out offline and online exam together. Online exams can avoid the use of a large amount of paper, which is of great help to the implementation of paperless education. A practical tool can help teachers to create online exams well. Online Exam Maker is a professional online exam system that provides examination services.

  • Online Exam Maker will provide users with a free question bank, users can upload multiple types of questions to the question bank in batches. The question bank can help users store a large number of test questions in the system, and the user can manage the test questions according to the category of the test questions.
online exam system

manage questions by category

  • When the students take online exams, they don’t need to answer the test with paper. They only need to log in to their candidate account on the website to enter the exam.
online exam system

Saas model of the system

  • After the exam, the system will help students collect the wrong questions, the wrong questions can only disappear after being answered twice correctly.
online exam system

students’ error collection

The digitization of learning materials has promoted the development of paperless, which is undoubtedly beneficial to society. If you also want to develop digital and paperless exams, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to use this practical online exam system for free.