Which Cheating Behaviors of Candidates can be Detected in Online Exams?

Online monitoring is one of the essential anti-cheating methods in creating online exams. In order to reduce the work pressure of invigilators, in addition to manual invigilation, the online exam system can also automatically detect whether candidates cheat. So what information can it detect about candidates?

Screen of the exam

In order to avoid the presence of other people besides the test takers to help the test takers answer the test questions, when the test organizers use the online exam system such Online Exam Maker to conduct online exam, they can view test takers’ exam screens in the system. When multiple faces appear or disappear on the test screen of the test taker, the administrator can send a cheating warning to the test taker or force the test paper to be submitted.

Behaviors of test takers

During the online exam, candidates may consult a book or look for answers on another smart device. The examination system can automatically detect the examination behavior of test taker. If the candidate suspected cheating behavior exceeds the limit, the system will automatically submit the their exam paper. The suspected cheating behaviors include bowing head during the exam, turning head to look around, and sitting incorrectly.

Sound of the exam environment

Candidates taking online exams may ask for help from people around them or use mobile phones during the exam. Monitoring the exam environment of candidates can effectively prevent candidates from making noise during the exam, and can also ensure that candidates can participate in the exam in a quiet environment. In Online Exam Maker, the administrator can set the sensitivity of the system to detect the sound. When the test environment sound is too loud for the candidate for more than a limited number of times, the system will automatically submit the candidate’s test paper.

online exam system

As the functions of the online exam system become more and more perfect, online examinations are carried out more and more widely. If you also need to conduct an online proctored exam, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page for a free trial.