What will be the Solution for Competency Testing on Assessment Platform?

The development of technology has promoted the paperless examination process. Not only schools, but many companies have turned their employees’ ability tests such as theoretical knowledge assessments online. Even though enterprises have rich experience in offline assessment, they will still encounter a series of problems when conducting online assessment tests. We will tell you how online assessment platforms can help businesses successfully conduct online employee competency tests.

Personnel classification

Most companies have multiple departments, and it is necessary to manage the personnel of the department before the test. Online Exam Maker is not only a quiz maker, but also a personnel management system. Admin can import candidates’ information in batches, and classify the imported personnel information according to different departments for easier management.

quiz maker

candidate list in system

Select test content

Whether the content of the test can effectively test the ability of employees is critical for enterprises. The administrator should design the content of the test questions according to the work requirements of different positions. Online Exam Maker provides users with 10 different test question types, and administrators can insert pictures, audio and video when creating test content, which means that the test questions will be more abundant.

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ten question types

Create test rules

Establishing test rules is an important step in standardizing the test process. In Online Exam Maker, admin can enable multiple test functions in the test system. Such as, time of exam starts and ends, people who can participate in the test, answering rules, test submission rules, anti-cheating and so on.

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various exam settings

Query test results

After the test is over, the test system will automatically correct subjective questions such as multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, matching questions,etc. in the test questions. The administrator can view all the data of the test in the system, including the number of passers, the ranking of candidates, etc. The performance ranking can be used as a basis for judging the ability of employees.

Online Exam Maker is a practical quiz maker that can be used in multiple test scenarios. The online employee ability test can not only save the cost of conducting the test for enterprises, but also will be a new way for employees to participate in the assessment. If you also need to conduct online tests for employees, please click the “Sign up” button on the page to experience the test function of the test system for free.