What is the Significance of On-premise Exam System Compared to Online Version?

online exam system

You may notice that on our official website, we provide users with an on-premise version exam system in addition to the online exam system, which is also called LAN Exam Maker. Compared with the online version, LAN version can be used after download. However, the LAN version has its own unique advantages compared to the online version.

System stability

As a provider of online exam system, we know that system stability is important for online exam. For users who have higher requirements on the stability of the test system, we recommend using the LAN version exam system. It uses a user-configured server and is not affected by other online exams. According to the needs of users, we will send the corresponding equipment requirements to the user after the successful payment to ensure the stability of the user’s system.

Data Security

Online exams are available for all industries and there are no industry restrictions. As what we said, when conducting an online exam with LAN exam maker, all exam data will be saved on the user’s server. Therefore, we recommend users who have higher requirements on exam data security to use LAN exam maker, and users can keep all exam data by themselves.

Lifetime availability

Compared with the online exam system, LAN exam maker only needs to be purchased once and can be used permanently, which is suitable for institutions that conduct online exams frequently.

Different organizations have different requirements for online exams, Online Exam Maker provides users with different exam services to meet more needs of users. Whether it is an online version or an on-premise version, the one that meets the needs is the most suitable. If you also need to conduct an online exams, please contact us to get a suitable exam solution.