What do Invigilators Need to do to Ensure Exam Security during Remote Exams?

Whether it is online or offline exams, in order to prevent candidates from cheating, invigilation is one of the essential anti-cheating methods. In order to prevent candidates from cheating and ensure the smooth progress of the exam during remote invigilation, as a supplier of online exam system, the followings collected from us need to be paid attention to by invigilators.

The proctoring process and what an invigilator needs to do

Remote proctored exams conducted in the online exam system will be more convenient. Because many of the steps in a proctored exam can be done by the system. The process of online proctored exams is not complicated, as it is in Online Exam Maker. Candidates click the exam link–Enter the candidate information required for login–Information verification–Enter the test–Candidates answer questions–Invigilators monitor the test–Candidates submit the paper.

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Invigilation interface in Online Exam Maker

During the invigilation, invigilator needs to check the test taker’s behavior through the webcam. If they are suspected of cheating, the invigilator will send them cheating warning or compulsorily submit their test paper.

What behaviors of candidates trigger cheating warnings?

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Cheating behaviors will be detected

  1. Look around.
  2. Look up, down, left or right multiple times.
  3. The test environment is too loud.
  4. Switch screen during the exam.
  5. Candidates disappear from the monitor screen.
  6. Multiple people appear on the surveillance screen

The manual input required for remote exams is minimal, the mature technology in the online exam system can replace many of the steps required to conduct the test manually. Click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page can try the exam system for free.