What are the advantages of an online examination

Abstract: There are many advantages of online examination which can help you organize an online exam.

Given to the current crisis situation, offline educations are replaced with online education and exam hall with online examination software. This trend has become students’ daily life. What could be the reason for this current trend? We have tried to find out what advantages of online examination can attract people’s attention.

One-stop online exam system

(One-stop online exam system)

  • Safety is guaranteed

Online Exam Maker follows the privacy terms and all data are stored in authoritative cloud service provider. And there is regularly automated data backup to ensure that the data will not be deleted due to misoperation.

  • Combing AI and Human Proctoring

In fact, the manual invigilation of offline examination has a great potential for cheating. In online exam system, there are a combination of AI and human intervention. AI proctoring can automatically detect potential behavior of cheating. Meanwhile, human proctor is able to monitor candidates in real time. If a candidate is caught, the administrator can issue a warning. It is more effective to prevent cheating.

Camera proctoring

(Camera proctoring)

  • Auto scoring

It is studied that teachers prefer an online exam system that can improve their work efficiency. In Online Exam Maker, candidates don’t need to wait too long for their results and teachers don’t need to mark exam papers. As long as the exam is submitted, the result is delivered immediately.


Auto scoring

(Auto scoring)

  • Environment-friendly and Cost-effective

All steps are paper-free and all resources(like test questions, test papers and certificates, etc) can be reused.

It is not just these four function. I just list some featured ones. There are many practical advantages of online examination. If you are interested in it, please click the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner of the page to try it for free.