Teacher’s Crisis about They are not Good at Conducting Online Test


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In the past, teachers needed to improve their own teaching ability. With the continuous impact of technology on people’s lives, teachers should not only enhance their own teaching ability, but also improve their ability to operate teaching tools. Obviously, during the COVID-19, a teacher without the ability of using online teaching tools, even if he has strong teaching ability, cannot show students a high-quality course. Likewise, it is not possible to examine students’ learning in distance study. Therefore, teachers should improve the ability to use teaching tools, especially online teaching tools, so as to avoid teaching crisis. As an online exam system developer that has helped many teachers to carry out online examinations, we would like to tell you how the examination system helps teachers to quickly create online examinations, so as to master the operation method of the examination system.

How to create a question bank for an online exam?

It is necessary to create an online exam question bank, because users can directly select questions from the question bank as test content. It is a simple for Online Exam Maker to do it. We provide users with test question templates. Users only need to replace the content in the template with the prepared test questions, and then they can upload the user’s local question bank test questions to the test system. The test questions uploaded to the system can be edited again by the administrator, added with tags, and managed by classification.

How to quickly create an online exam paper?

Online Exam Maker is easy to operate, fill in the information of the exam, add test questions and set the parameters of the exam can publish the exam paper. There are ten question types in Online Exam Maker, users can insert video, audio and pictures into the test questions.

How to prevent candidates from cheating?

Many teachers worry about whether candidates will cheat on online exams, and the answer is yes. the anti-cheating feature in the Online Exam Maker makes it nearly impossible for candidates to cheat on the exam. Face recognition prevents others from taking exams on behalf of candidates; full-screen mode exams prohibit candidates from switching screens to find answers; intelligent anti-cheating detection, the system automatically monitors candidates’ exam behavior and so on.

How to mark test papers and analyze test results?

In Online Exam Maker, admin doesn’t need to correct objective type questions such as multiple-choice questions, true-false questions and so on. For subjective questions such as essay questions, the admin can correct them or set “grading by keyword”, so that the system can automatically correct them.

When all the test papers are marked, the system will analyze all the test data. Admin can view all the scores for the questions in the exam paper, as well as the exam report for each candidate.

As an easy-to-operate and practical online exam system, Online Exam Maker has helped many teachers to conduct online examinations during the epidemic, and only in this way can students’ education continue. As an easy-to-operate and practical online examination system, Online Exam Maker has helped many teachers to conduct online examinations during the epidemic, and only in this way can students’ education continue. If you also want to quickly master the operation of the test system, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to get a free trial opportunity.