Discussion on the Pros & Cons of Online Examination Software

Online examination software is a kind of software that users can use for conducting online examinations. What is the pros and cons of online examination software then? Is online examination software worth using? The article will discuss the pros and cons of online examination software.

Advantages of using an online examination software:
1. Environment-friendly

Paperless exams will be conducted if an online examination software is used, which is environment-friendly.

2. Time-saving

Conducting an online exam, teachers don’t have to print the exam and students don’t have to assemble in a exam hall or room to take the exam, which will save both teachers and students much time. And for teachers, they don’t have to typeset the question paper by using the online examination software, which will save them lots of time.

3. No time and place limit

If an exam is conducted online, there will be no time and place limit for students. They can take the exam at any time and any place they like.

4. Overheads reduction

Schools and enterprises can reduce overheads by using an online examination software. Firstly, the cost of renting an exam room and the question papers can be reduced by online examination software. Then, candidates’ transportation fee can be reduced.

5. Auto-grading

After students hand in their answer sheets, the system will do the grading automatically. And candidates can also view instant feedback if it is set by the administrator.

6. Support statistical analysis

Rich statistical analysis is provided by online examination software, such as the average score, highest score, lowest score, the correct answer rate, the wrong answer rate, pass rate, fail rate and so on. Therefore, teachers don’t have to evaluate the exam results.

Disadvantages of implementing an online examination software:
1. Increasing possibility of cheating

When it comes to conducting exams online, teachers may worry that it will be easier for students to cheat than traditional exams. Well, some online examination software with powerful and rich anti-cheating functions can effectively solve the problem.

2. Requirement for Internet connection

Internet connection is required for candidates to take exams online. Therefore, teachers should take that into account while using online examination software.

Solutions provided by Online Exam Maker

Online Exam Maker, is an online examination software with powerful functions, especially anti-cheating functions, such as:

Screen switching limit, interruption limit, full screen mode, no copying questions and no pasting content, which can effectively prevent students from searching for answers;

Surveillance camera: teachers can proctor the exam but they don’t have to; they can view the pictures of candidates taken during the exam;

Face recognition can effectively prevent candidates from hiring others to take the exam;

Intelligent anti-cheating monitoring function is also a useful way to proctor exams. The sound environment, multiple candidates and the behaviors of the candidates can all be detected by the system.

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