Is the Online Exam System useful? Comments from our users!

Maybe from the perspective of a manager who has not used the online exam system will be confused with those questions, do they need to hire someone who knows technology to help him organize online exams? Do they still need to learn something about research and development?

In fact, you can rely on our Online Exam Maker to achieve online examinations. With the help of our online exam systems, candidates can answer questions on a PC or mobile phone, which is very convenient and fast.

For schools, students can take online exams anytime and anywhere. For companies, employees can be trained and evaluated online anytime and anywhere. Users don’t need to understand the technology and don’t need to develop on their own.


Is our Online Exam System useful? Here are some comments from our users!

Comment One: Creating exam papers is very fast and the test questions are imported quickly.

Traditional exams require a large number of printed test papers and need a schedule. After using the Online Exam Maker, it only takes four steps to publish the papers and then release to company employees for examinations.


Comment Two: There are no time and space restrictions, and the mobile phone can be used for training and examinations.

In the past, we needed to spend some time to find the venue and coordinate the time for the offline staff assessment. However, after using the Online Exam Maker, we only need to prepare the questions to create an online exam,  and then share the link and QR code to the chat group, and the employees can participate in the company assessment.


Comment Three:No manual marking is needed, and the system supporta automatically scoring, which is fast and accurate.

In terms of objective questions, the system support automatically judging; objective questions can also be marked with keywords, which truly achieves intelligent scoring. After the test, you can also give a candidate report to employees to check their weak links; and they can check the rankings to know their degree of learning results in the company. It really meets the sustainable development needs of the company and individuals!

Seeing the true feelings of these users, do you have a better understanding of our online exam system? If you are interested in features, come and try now!

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