Why I Wish Everyone Know About Online Exam Creator.

Abstract: Online exam creator is a trustworthy system with stability and safety, a user-friendly system with easy test paper creating, and an efficient system with batch import.

Examination is a means to check the learning outcomes. Nowadays, online exam is becoming a new trend of online education. But, many new comers don’t know how to organize an online exam. They often confronted with many difficulties. Therefor, I think it is necessary to introduce an online exam creator to you.

Because online exam creator on the market varies considerably in quality, so I take an easy-to-use software Online Exam Maker as an introduction.


A trustworthy system with stability and safety

Online Exam Maker has helped many giants organize large -scale examinations. High concurrency of Online Exam Maker ensures that even a ten-thousand-people exam can be carried on as planned. A strong technical team makes the exam have a secure network environment.

High concurrency

A user-friendly system with easy test paper creating

As long as users follow the steps of test paper creating, the online test paper can be made quickly. If administrators want to prevent candidates from cheating on examination questions, there are three modes of test paper forming including Pre-selected, Random, and Pre +random. There is no need to design the order of test questions manually.

Three modes of test paper forming

An efficient system with batch import

Dose a large number of test question management make the work cumbersome and difficult? Question bank in the system can improve work efficiency, which supports importing varipus questions in batches. Besides, tree-like management structure makes the classification of questions of different subjects clearer.

Tree-like structure, OEM

With the help of online exam creator, organizing online examinations is no longer difficult. I truely wish everyone make use of the characteristic and useful functions in Online Exam Maker.

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