What are the management roles of online exam software? How to assign administrative rights?

Whether it is online exams or offline exams, there must be a management role. It is clear that what are the management roles in offline exams. But in online exam software, do you exactly understand the definition of management roles?

Generally, the first registered account is the management account playing the role of the main administrator. However, considering the needs of some enterprises and schools, online exam system will provide sub-administrator accounts for users to purchase on demand.

Therefore, the management roles in online exam system are the primary administrator and sub-administrators. So, how does the primary one assign the administrative rights?

Firstly, as the main account, the primary administrator has all rights to operate system. And, the rights of sub-administrators are allocated by the primary administrator.


For some modules, such as exam, question bank and user page, the main administrator can determine whether these modules are open or not to  designated sub-administrators. Different sub-administrator departments can have different permissions according to their positions.

When the main administrator sets sub-administrators and restricts their power, they could only operate the function modules opened to them by the main administrator, and other functions could not be operated.

The function of multiple management roles is mainly for the convenience of users. When facing a large number of candidates and content, you can create a certain amount of sub-administrators to assist the main administrator more efficiently and rapidly to complete the tasks.

Online Exam Maker(OEM), as an intelligent online exam system, has a  sub-administrator function. As long as you purchase the designated member, you can get a sub-administrator account!

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