Main Points Need to Pay Attention to when Conduct Exams on Online Platform

online exam system

As online exams are used by more and more institutions, platforms for creating online exams have also diversified. However, it is heavy but rigorous for conducting online exams. What should test organizers pay attention to when using the online exam system to conduct tests?

Stability of the platform

The number of candidates taking online exams at the same time has a great impact on the stability of the exam system. A stable examination system should have high concurrency and can support a large number of candidates to participate in the examination at the same time.

Security of exam system

Whether it is an offline test or an online test, conducting the test will involve a large amount of test data, including test taker information, test content, test organizer information, and test taker scores. Therefore, a high-security examination system can protect the examination data and avoid the leakage of a large amount of data.

Whether it is easy to operate

The use of tools should simplify the operation steps for people, and the use of online exam systems should also be the same. Whether it is the test organizer or the test taker, the simple system can save them a lot of time to study the use of the test system.

If it can meet your needs

The functions of each online test platform are different, because the needs of each institution or school for conducting tests are different. Choosing a one-stop service testing platform can meet the needs of most people. These test systems include the management of test questions before the test, the management of candidate information, and the management of test papers; the prevention of cheating during the test; the correction of test papers after the test and the analysis of test data.

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