Inefficient telecommuting? Better to do online employee training now!

Because of the COVID-19, we have to make employees work by telecommuting to reduce gathering activities. But this will greatly reduce work efficiency-we cannot communicate and collaborate faster.

In this case, the company will more or less reduce its work arrangements.So how do we make better use of the remaining time? In fact, it’s perfect for us to conduct employee training at this time.

Now we can’t go out for training? Please take online training!

Just as many schools now allow students to take online courses or take online exams, companies can also build their own internal training platforms with the help of our online exam system. In particular, the ability of employees can be thoroughly tested in the form of exam assessment.

So, is it hard to build up a online training exam?  Here is the simple operation by  using our online exam maker.

Firstly, sign up a free account and start to try it.


Secondly, login the system, choose the 【Exam】, and click “+ New Exam”;

we have to fill in the title,description and sharing words and choose a beautiful cover of your exam.

Thirdly,  add questions for our training exam.

It support: Flexible way to build your test: fixed or random types of exam paper; Select questions directly or proportionally to form your exam; Support various question types and batch import thousands of questions.

Fourthly, finish the parameter settings. There is hundreds of settings such as time and permission limit, anti-cheating or result page settings, suitable for various exam

Finally, we can release the online exam by sending the link or QR code to employees. They can take exams on PC side or mobile phone.

Creating an online training exam with an online exam maker is not difficult at all.

Sign up now for a free account and experience it!