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How to Train Employees Online?

Remote employee training is a hot topic right now and that is mainly because it has been thrust into the spotlight in response to the COVID-19 crisis. A huge number of organizations have been forced to adopt a remote training...

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Is It Necessary For Enterprise To Spend Money On Online Training Assessment?

Whether an enterprise has core competitiveness is an important indicator to measure its qualifications. Talent is the most important and indispensable part of core competitiveness. It is a waste to introduce excellent talent without using it. As for how to...

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Why do we need an Online Exam System for Enterprise?

COVID-19 caught us off guard!  Many industries, especially stores, tourism, factories, and manufacturing industries have been greatly affected. Enterprises have to stop employees from going to work and start Telecommuting. Can we just wait for the epidemic to end and...

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Inefficient telecommuting? Better to do online employee training now!

Because of the COVID-19, we have to make employees work by telecommuting to reduce gathering activities. But this will greatly reduce work efficiency-we cannot communicate and collaborate faster. In this case, the company will more or less reduce its work...

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