How to Make a Pie Chart Quiz on Google Forms

Creating a quiz with a pie chart visualization in Google Forms requires combining the functionalities of both Google Forms (for the quiz) and Google Sheets (for the pie chart). Here’s how you can do it:

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Creating an online quiz on Google Forms

1. Log into your Google account and go to Google Forms.

2. Create a new form: Click on the blank form or use a template.

3. Set up your quiz:
• Title your form and add a description if needed.
• For each question, select the type of question you’d like to use (e.g., multiple choice, checkboxes, etc.).
• Continue to add all your questions.

4. Turn the form into a quiz:
• Click on the settings gear icon ⚙️ at the top right.
• Go to the “Quizzes” tab and select “Make this a quiz”.
• Choose when to release the scores (immediately after submission or later after manual review).

5. Set correct answers: For each question, click on the “Answer Key” option at the bottom to set the correct answers and assign point values.

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Isualizing Responses with a Pie Chart on Google Sheets

Once you have responses to your quiz, you can visualize the data with a pie chart using Google Sheets.

1. Collect Responses: Share your quiz and get some responses.

2. In Google Forms, go to the “Responses” tab.

3. Link Google Forms to Google Sheets: Click on the green Sheets icon to create a new spreadsheet or link to an existing one. This will transfer your responses to Google Sheets.

4. Create a Pie Chart in Google Sheets:
• Highlight the data you’d like to visualize (e.g., if you have a question “What’s your favorite color?” and 5 answers, highlight the colors and the number of responses for each).
• Click on ‘Insert’ in the top menu and choose ‘Chart’.
• From the Chart Editor on the right, select ‘Pie chart’.
• Customize the chart as needed using options from the Chart Editor.

Now, you’ll have a pie chart that visually represents the responses from your Google Forms quiz. You can then share, embed, or use the pie chart as desired. Remember, Google Forms won’t directly create pie charts for you. It’s the combination of Google Forms and Google Sheets that allows for this visualization.

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