How to Improve Students’ Review Efficiency by Online Exam System

With the rapid development of the Internet, the teaching method changes a lot. The knowledge is boring for some subjects with many experiments, many students unable to fully grasp the knowledge points by reading books. Diverse forms of information technology can be used to help students master knowledge points and improve review efficiency.

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Video teaching

For some complex subjects, like physics and chemistry, teachers can upload some videos on the online exam system to help create learning situations and deepen students’ impression of knowledge points.


Establish an online question bank

Many students don’t know whether their answers are correct after finishing homework after class. However, an online exam system can solve the problem easily. Because of the powerful analytical capabilities, the correct answers will be shown after the students finish the test questions.


Grasp the learning situation of students

Teachers can view the learning record of each student in the back-end of the system, which helps the teacher to carry out a targeted review of the students.


An online exam system is convenient for learning. It is helpful for teachers to explore more functions of the online examination system to improve teaching ability.