How to Cultivate Students’ Quality of Honesty and Trustworthiness?

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Recently, there are many questions about student cheating in exams on Quora. People are interested in the reasons that students cheat on exams. No matter what countries and regions, as long as there is an exam, there will be cheating. Cheating in exams is a phenomenon of lack of integrity. If things go on like this, it will be difficult for students to develop the quality of honesty and trustworthiness. To cultivate the good quality of students, we should take effective measures as soon as possible.

Establish concepts

Thinking influences action. In the era of rapid development of the Internet, the external environment has a great influence on students’ thinking, thus affecting their behavior. Schools should guide students to correctly identify social problems so as to establish correct concepts.

Take some measures

In addition to guiding students to establish correct concepts, schools should also take strict measures to deal with the anti-cheating incidents in the examinations. For offline examinations, schools should formulate corresponding anti-cheating measures according to the actual situation. For online exams, schools only need to choose a practical online exam system to solve this problem. For example, Online Exam Maker can meet the anti-cheating needs of most schools. In Online Exam Maker, face recognition, full-screen exams, copy-paste prevention of test questions, etc. are all functions that are popular with users. In addition, the system will monitor the behavior of the candidates during the exam, and all the cheating behaviors of the candidates will be recorded in the system, and the examination papers of the candidates will be submitted.

With the help of an online exam system, cheating on exams will be reduced. And schools can view the records in the exam system, punish test-takers who cheat.

Psychological guidance

Students cheating in the exam may be influenced by psychological factors. Students’ weak frustration ability and strong utilitarian intentions may lead to the occurrence of cheating. Therefore, schools can carry out various types of psychological activities, so that students can learn the importance of honesty and trustworthiness in the process of participating in activities.

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