How to Conduct Large-scale Exams at Low Cost

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Large-scale exam will be conducted by many educational institutions, testing centers, schools and enterprises. However, running a large-scale exam will cost a lot. For example, staffs that conduct the exam, equipment to prevent test takers from cheating, test paper printing, space rental, certificates or transcripts issued. In order to reduce unnecessary costs, institutions and companies can change the method to conduct exam. That’s why many people choose to conduct online exams.

It is necessary to choose a stable online exam system for large-scale exam, because it is the key to the success of the examination. Online Exam Maker can meet the needs very well, it can support more than 10,000 candidates taking exams at the same time, and multiple users have used it to conduct large-scale online exams. Let’s see how to create an exam at low cost using Online Exam Maker.

Different version

There are different versions for Online Exam Maker, which includes the Saas version and LAN version. The former can take the exam as long as users log in to the website. They can also subscribe corresponding members according to the number of taking exams. Members can be purchased monthly and yearly to avoid unnecessary money. LAN version can better ensure the data security of the exam, users can use it for lifetime. Membership subscriptions in Online Exam Maker are available for as little as $19.

Test question storage

Have you ever worried that it is difficult to store a large number of test questions, or even have to pay extra to buy a question bank? Online Exam Maker provides each user with a free question bank, so users can upload test questions to the question bank in batches.

Online proctoring

Online Exam Maker provides users with a variety of anti-cheating features, such as face recognition, intelligent monitoring, etc., so test organizers do not need to arrange personnel or purchase additional proctoring equipment to monitor the test.

Test paper correction and data analysis

Large-scale exams mean that there are a lot of people participating in the exams. If the exams are held offline, multiple personnel are required to participate in the correction of test papers and the analysis of test data. Correction in Online Exam Maker is convenient, which can shorten the time for correction of test papers and reduce manual participation.

As a professional online exam system, Online Exam Maker can provide services for large-scale online examinations. If you also want to take the online exam at the least price, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to try it out for free.