How to Brand your Institution with an Online Examination System?

Online exam system is the main tool for conducting online examinations. As the technology becomes more and more mature, the examination system is widely used. For educational institutions, an examination system such as an Online Exam Maker can also be a marketing tool. So how can educational institutions use the exam system to build their brand?

Personalized homepage

Online Exam Maker provides each user with a home page where the user can display the organization’s information.For example, courses on sale in educational institutions, promotional articles, news, examination information, contact information, etc. By inserting links and pictures, the information of the institution can be displayed on the homepage without developing code by yourself. In addition, the style of the institution homepage can be designed by the user.

online exam system

Unique logo

User can display custom logo in Online Exam Maker. It can be displayed on the homepage, administrator background and website icons, etc. The unique logo can make the system more personalized.

online exam system

Independent domain

Users can upload their own domain in the system, and encrypted links will be more secure. The combination of a favicon and a separate domain can demonstrate the strength of institutions and create a personalized brand.

The personalized homepage, custom logo and domain provided in Online Exam Maker are very beneficial for building a corporate brand. It is difficult for a test taker to discover that the online exam system used by the test organizer is Online Exam Maker. In the system, a large number of personalization settings allow the institution to display its own brand. This is advantageous for educational institutions that market online.

Online Exam Maker is not only a practical examination system, but also helps users to carry out marketing activities. If you are also the owner of an educational institution, such an examination system can meet your needs. Please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to get a free trial opportunity of Online Exam Maker.