How does the Online Exam System Ensure Exam Security?

Advances in technology have made it possible for exams to be conducted not just offline. In the new era, organizing and participating in exams are more convenient. Whether during COVID-19 or in the post-pandemic era, more and more people are successfully conducting exams in online exam systems. Exams involve a lot of important information, so the security of online exams is a concern for many users.

Many examination platforms in the market provide users with convenient examination services. Not only does it improve the efficiency of exam organizers in conducting exams, but also ensure the effective conduction of exam. As one of excellent exam system, how does Online Exam Maker ensure exam security?

Restrictions on participation in the examination

In order to avoid the leakage of test content, administrators can set corresponding groups to participate in the test when creating online test papers. When the official test begins, only candidates in this group can successfully enter the test, and others cannot enter the test paper to view the test content.

online exam system

Access to the system

The whole process of online examination organization and participation is completed in the online exam system. There are different backgrounds and accounts for admin and candidates. Each student has only one account. If the administrator needs to add sub-administrators to help carry out the exam, the super administrator can give them different permissions according to their needs. All operations of the administrator can be viewed in the system’s operation records, avoiding malicious modification of the test paper by someone.

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Storage of exam data

Whether it is an offline test or an online test, it involves a lot of test question information and candidate information. For users with higher requirements for exam data security, LAN version of Online Exam Maker can meet the need. All test data will be saved to the test organizer’s server.

online exam system

Anti-cheating function

In order to prevent candidates from cheating in the online exam and ensure the fairness of the exam, there are many practical anti-cheating functions in Online Exam Maker.

  1. When entering theexam, face recognition in the system can automatically check the identity of the test taker. Only candidates who pass face recognition can successfully enter the exam.
  2. According to the administrator’s settings, candidates may enter the full-screen mode during the test.In the period, candidates can only answer the questions and cannot perform other operations. They can only exit full-screen mode after submitting the test paper.
  3. Screen switching restrictions. If the administrator has enabled this feature, candidates will be restricted from switching screens. If the candidate switches the screen more than the set number of times, the candidate’s test paper will be forced to submit.

Most importantly, all cheating by candidates will be recorded in the exam record. So that there will be no disputes between candidates and administrators.

Online Exam Maker is effective in securing exams. If you also need a secure online exam system, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page, and you can use the Online Exam Maker to conduct the examination for free.